Corporate Wellness Programs

In an effort to promote health and wellness, Danny Haralson makes his well-known Couch to 5k program and other Run University coaching available at a discounted rate as part of Corporate Wellness programs offered through local corporations and small businesses.

Danny has helped thousands of runners get off the couch and get moving, achieving goals they never thought possible.  Programs are appropriate for any fitness level from beginner to advanced.

Danny has developed wellness programs for EBSCO, Regions, Energen, Robins-Morton and Alagasco, to name a few.

These programs not only help employees improve their health (thus reducing health care cost), it also increases confidence and improves camaraderie in a team building atmosphere.

Just recently 63 Regions employees who started the Regions Couch to 5k program successfully crossed the Regions Superhero 5k Finish Line (almost 90%), many for the first time ever!

Contact Danny to learn more about bringing wellness, team building, motivation, education, and Run University to your company!