Real Runners…..

There’s so much congratulating to do I don’t hardly know where to begin. Run University was fortunate to have close to 100 runners complete Half Marathons, and the Chicago, Marine Corp, and New York City Marathons this Fall. We still have Outer Banks, Pensacola, and Vegas to go and see the note below about Mercedes – Congratulations to all! You guys worked hard, put in some miles, sweated buckets and yeah, we had a few laughs along the way – great job!

Congratulations also to Katrina and Keith in their upcoming nuptials – may each day be better than the day before. I’d also like to congratulate Jessica and Mira who tied the knot last weekend. Jessica trained with us a few years back then moved away to Oregon to seek her fame and fortune, she may have found it. May God bless you all this day and forever more.

I’m told a lot, “Well, I’m not a real runner.” And my response is usually, “If you run, you’re a runner.” There’s always some who want to base it on speed or distance, but that’s like buying a certain type of car to compensate for one’s own feelings of inadequacy.

I’ve struggled with a good answer or analogy until this story came out of the New York City Marathon (thanks to MaryAnn Dana – Monday Runday). NYC always seems to bring out the most inspiring stories from Zoe Koplowitz to Kyle and Brent Pease. Actually, to me the story is about the others; the real runners.

Brent and Kyle Pease felt more than trained for the November 1 NYC Marathon since they’d already completed 2 IronMan Distance races (140.6 miles) along with their other training.

Then all this training went out the window when a rear wheel on Kyle’s wheelchair broke at mile 12.

I forgot to mention that Kyle Pease has cerebral palsy, and the brothers have been competing in racing events for several years now.

Brent tried carrying Kyle but discovered quickly that wasn’t going to work. Then the NYPD stepped in (they always seem to do the right thing at the right time) and directed them to a local bike shop. There wasn’t anything they could do either. For just a moment despair was beginning to set in; however as the Rev. John Claypool once said, “Despair is presumptuous.”

A runner named Amy noticed them struggling, she stepped in and took the place of one wheel and shortly another runner, Cameron stepped in to steady the other side – together they finished the race.

(check out The Kyle Pease Foundation  –

Those are real runners – Let me help, let me encourage, let’s work together. That’s real life. That’s real running.

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