Long time Birmingham runners….and Couch to 5K Winter Edition

Long time Birmingham runners may remember Maureen ‘Mo’ Higgins from a few years back. She was a fixture at Tuesday night speed work; otherwise a morning runner who probably spent more on race entries each year than some people make.
Mo retired and moved to the coast with Henry (yep, they tied the knot) and is still running. It’s been an eventful few years – I’m quoting from Runner’s World here,”When Higgins was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer in 2013, her doctor told her she could maintain her normal activity level. The doctor may not have realized his patient was the Leading Lady of the Marine Corp Marathon – a nickname Higgins earned for finishing the most MCM’s of any woman since 1986″. She was back on the starting line last October as well. She was also inducted into the MCM Hall of Fame in 2014.

If Mo attacks cancer with same determination she used to complete 167 marathons then I have no doubt she’ll be running a long time. Congratulations Mo! We miss seeing you run most Tuesdays at the track, most races, and mornings with Henry following you in his truck to be sure you were safe and sound.

These are well deserved honors for a solid citizen and a solid runner – all the best for years to come!

Couch to 5K Winter Edition will kick off Jan 2 at 9:00. We’ll meet in Mt Brook Village and start practicing to complete a 5K – The Regions Super Hero 5K February 13. The cost is still $49 and included in that will be numerous group runs (including a weekly mid-morning run) and everything you’ll need to know to stand at the start line 100% confident you’ll complete the course and have the time of your life doing it. Your coaches will be Danny Haralson, Micki Haralson and Brooke Smith Weaver. Run University has coached more runners to successful completion of their goal than anyone in the state and it ain’t close.  More fun, more runs, more confidence going from the ‘couch’ to running a 5K guided by the best known and most experienced coaches in the region. It’s not about speed, pace, or age –  It’s about FUN! and setting a goal and then achieving that goal at your own pace. Run University has sent more runners to the Finish Line of the Super Hero 5K and Mercedes Half and Marathon than you can shake a stick at – 15 years and going strong! Join us or feel free to e-mail rununiversity@gmail with questions.

You don’t have to see the whole staircase to take the first step!” If you want to run, run again, meet some great new friends (soon to be running buddies) and feel the exhilaration of setting a goal, and achieving it by crossing that Finish Line – then come on! No New Year’s Resolutions…..GOALS! They are dreams with a deadline and you can do it! “Goals are like magnets; they’ll attract the things that make them come true.” Set the goal, run a 5K, get leaner, more confident, make new friends and make the start of 2016 unforgettable!