Personal and Group Training

Personal and Group Training (small and large) is available from Run University by appointment. Danny Haralson and Micki Haralson are both long-time runners (over 20 years experience) as well as long-time Personal Trainers in both individual and group settings.

We offer semi-annual Runner’s Boot Camps as well as Runners Retreats in the Smoky Mountains where the classes consist of form and technique training. We train the muscles necessary to help correct or improve form and technique and avoid injury as well as core work for stability (and to look good at the beach!).

For the individual, our goal is to help people achieve their goal(s) – so we design each series of workouts specifically to the individual’s needs and wants.

We foster a positive and encouraging atmosphere. The idea is to help people explore and reach their potential, not see how sore we can make them.

Rates vary according to group size and individual rates are based on 4 sessions.

Contact Danny to get started!