Lucky you…just announcements.

I have the feeling we’ll be begging for rain in about 30 days.

Okay, here we go:

If you want to join us tonight for a 4 mile run from Side Bar at 6:00, c’mon. We’ll also have a 2 mile option. Saturday – 7:00 10 miles from V Richards at 7:00 a.m. There’s also a 3 mile ish and 5 mile ish cut off.

Monday, 6/1 at 5:30 a.m. Life Time Fitness in Vestavia (Altadena area) is beginning a Summer Camp for (adult) Runners. Each Monday/Thursday at 5:30 a.m. You do NOT have to be a member! Camp will last 50 minutes +/- each day and will be functional strength combined with HIIT and drills. The goal is to increase speed, stamina, flexibility, improve technique and (hopefully) avoid injury. Cost is $99 per month (Camp is 3 months – June, July, and August) or $15 drop in per class. Non-members may use the facilities to get ready and we’ll have a ton of guest passes for participants.

Wednesday June 3 National Running Day, 6 pm at Trim Tab Brewing (2721 5th Ave S). We’ll have several distance options from there (2 & 4). Trim Tab is providing live music and there’ll be a food truck on site (not sure which one yet) plus prizes (‘fun’ stuff, no airline tickets or AMEX gold cards, just fun stuff) for selected finishers.

Half Marathon/Marathon training starts Monday June 8th. Cost is $99 for Half and $150 for Full – targets are Whistlestop Half (9/26) for the Half (though schedule can be modified for another) and we have marathoners running Chicago, MCM, NYC, and Nashville. You’ll have plenty of company and group schedules accommodating each of the 3. They will be designed so that the majority of long runs will be together. There will be morning and evening group runs and long runs will be early Saturdays. Half Marathon requires a 3 mile base for the novice wanting to complete their first half (others will have schedule modified according to goals and base) and marathoners require a minimum base of 10 miles. We’ll have seminars on nutrition/running physiology/race planning and more are in the works. First group long run is June 13. E-mail with any questions.

Speed Camp returns in July – Open to all (watch for start date and location).

A quick note – we know breathing is hard right now as we adapt to higher humidity – it feels like you’re working twice as hard but getting half as much oxygen. I don’t know that we ever feel like we adapt, but we do. I think we just ‘accept’ it. It’s the price we pay for more daylight.

This is also the season for magnificent Sunrises and Sunsets – enjoy! Never forget why you run and never, ever take for granted that you can run – that right there will make the hardest run seem like the gift that it is.