The Countdown Begins

It’s 60 Days until we being the 15th Anniversary Edition of the South’s most Successful beginners running program. The 15th Edition of the Couch to 10K will begin 8/29 once again with it’s eye on the Race for the Cure and the Vulcan Run 10K. This being our 15th Anniversary we plan on having lots of surprises and good times.

There’s a lot miles run in the last 15 years by people from all walks of life. We’ve had organ transplant recipients, recovered heart surgery patients, recovering stroke victims, MS sufferers, doctors, lawyers – no Indian Chiefs (yet) -, a Jeffco Supt. of Education (still running), entertainers, even the sitting President of the BTC is a C210K grad from a few years ago and other committee chairs. It takes all kinds, and the number of successful (running) graduates is in the thousands, literally (and you can be too). And we were featured in Runners World….yeah, I saved it.

While Run University is best known for its work with those new to running or returning to running we also offer several free Speed Camps through out the year and have coached as many runners to Boston Qualifying times as anyone regionally, if not more….pretty sure more. However to be honest fun and overall quality of running is our main purpose and goal. Whether it’s fast or fun, Run University is here for you from Start to Finish.

It’s not always just about the run, either. Over the years Run U has worked with , among others, the Bell Center, Make a Wish, and Mitchell’s Place and many others (including American Cancer Society, YMCA, Arthritis Foundation, and more) helping them to raise well over $100,000. Run U also hosts an annual ‘Coat Drive’, well, Coat Run to help provide local shelters with warm clothing for it’s denizens during the colder months. It’s good for the soul to give back, help others, to share your blessings; and this makes it fun, too.

The goal of running should always be fun, first and foremost. You can’t always PR (run a ‘personal best’) and if you hang your self worth on that you’ll be disappointed more times than not and perhaps burn out. Secondly there’s no such thing as a ‘bad’ run. You can learn something from every run; even if you learn that you can make yourself go for a run when you didn’t really want to. All runs burn calories (there’s something!) and offer you the chance to have quality time with a friend especially your best friend (yourself – the true BFF) where you can tune in to your thoughts or tune out.

As in years past the cost is still $49. We offer multiple group runs throughout the week and we focus on covering the distance. Don’t get hung up on pace, a 12:00 mile is just as far as a 6:00 mile. The main goal is the sense of accomplishment. Your only competition is the person you were yesterday.

We’ll announce the Day 1 meeting time and place a little closer to ‘GO!’ time and if you have questions, please e-mail me:

Meanwhile if you’re  already running, spread the word to your friends who wish they had your drive, passion and enthusiasm; or if you’re ready to start, have some fun, and make new friends join us to kick start your own life style change.

You don’t have to see the whole staircase to take the first step! In a country where the morbidly obese now outnumber the merely over weight perhaps it’s time we take our health and well being into our own hands and have some fun doing it!

Don’t worry about how you’ll ‘look’ or if you’ll be successful. Even the experts were once beginners…and as to failure? As the poet said, “What if I fall? Oh but my darling, what if you FLY?”