The best of times….

I’ll often go on a run and in my mind write out the perfect blog and then a few hours later when I sit down it’s disappeared like a sock in the dryer.That’s what happened to me last Tuesday. I got back to meet my appointment and as we were training my ‘perfect blog’ sank below the surface. I do remember that Tuesday was a 22% humidity day – like when does that ever happen down South?

I also remember noticing that I was dragging my right heel during the run, which was odd for me. Then of course I thought about my shoes and it popped in my head – and some of the other old timers might remember – Shoe Goo! Back before GU was even imagined, runners would use Shoe Goo to ‘patch’ their running shoes so they could get more miles out of them. I think Shoe Goo went the way of the Chia Pet (and now we eat Chia seeds? What’s wrong with us!?!) but if shoes keep going up in price I can see Shoe Goo making a comeback.

I wonder how many hundreds of different thoughts we have when we run by ourselves – I don’t want to think about that.

These longer days coupled with the clouds of April showers are offering us some spectacular sunrises, sunsets and rainbows. Combine that with the moderate temperatures and it’s a magical time to be running. If you haven’t yet, try to take a minute every so often to soak it in. Remember WHY you run, remember that you are part of the beauty of running. That you’re getting stronger and hopefully creating a better quality of life all around.  Health is so much more than just fast times and miles totaled – to me.

Never forget the ‘fun’ because the more fun it is, the harder it’ll be to stop!

We’re a little more than a month away from Marathon and Half Marathon training for the Fall – Run U’s program will kick off the week of June 8.  Once again we’ll offer Couch to Half Marathon (so you have time to build to your 3 mile ‘base’). Yes, that’s where C2HM will start – at 3 miles. For those looking to run a faster Half we’ll be offering The Summer of Run speed work again like last Summer – no charge! Just like last Summer  – dates will be announced after the 1st of June.

AND – this Summer will be the 15th Anniversary of Couch to 10K, – which will begin August 29. I’m hoping to make it an extra special 10 weeks for all participants. As we approach we’ll sprinkle the announcements over time here – it’ll be a great time to BEGIN running or RETURN to running….

“I may not be there yet; but I’m closer than I was yesterday.”