The ‘slow’ miracle…

It’s time for the Spring Edition of Couch to 5K and we’ll start this Saturday, 3/14 at 9:00 inside Life Time Fitness (rain or shine ’cause it’s inside) at 3051 Healthy Way Vestavia Hills. We’ll go over the program (think ‘Information Meeting’) and then, weather permitting, we’ll go outside and get started  – for those who are itching to get going. The program last 7 weeks, cost is the same ($49) and our target 5K is the Girls on the Run 5K in May.

Not sure why we always think of miracles as ‘poof’ happenings, but we usully do. Having encouraged C25K/10K for 14 years now I’ve seen many, many ‘slow’ miracles. Miracles that take weeks or even months are no less wondrous especially for the beneficiaries.  Because of people taking control of their lives, wanting something different, something better, something more fun, or to be a part of something they have taken up running and seen pounds melt away, resting heart rates decline, lessened dependency on medication, increased self confidence, higher ‘fun’ quotient, smaller pants, and a kick ass – no holds barred outlook on the future.

It takes a bit of self starting but somewhere deep inside we all have that and once you really get into it; well I’ve never heard anyone say, “I wish I hadn’t done it.” No matter where you are in life; if you want to run, want to learn to run, want to return to running – this is a great way, no, the best way to do it. Then as your running ‘bricks’ fall into place in your foundation you’ll discover that you can go as far (literally and figuratively) as you want to go.

It’s not overnight, it may even take even more than the initial 7 weeks, but what’s 7 or even 10 weeks out of a year, much less a lifetime?; What it can do for you and has done for thousands of others is no less the miracle. Let’s plant the acorn then watch you become the oak.

Congratulations are in order for Amanda Harden for fighting her way through the remnants of the flu for a PR at Mercedes as well as Michelle Paradiso and Chrystal Kracke for their PR’s at the Tuscaloosa Half Marathon.

One last shout out to all first time Half Marathoners and 1st time marathoners Run University had in Mercedes – it turned out to be a great, great day for all. In total we had over 125 runners Sunday alone and over 60 Saturday in the 5K…

Let’s see what miracles 2015 has in store!